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What’s the game plan?

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In-Home Energy Analysis – A Department of Green Energy Senior Energy Consultant will meet with you and go through your electric usage and bills and educate you on products and current Florida Programs available to you.

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Learn how you can greatly increase your solar experience and return on investment by utilizing the most powerful marketing tool on Earth…word of mouth.  Visit and see how you can become a solar advocate.

Client Benefits:

  • Become a tax exempt asset to your property.
  • Potentially eliminate the dollars you’re spending with FP&L completely.
  • Provide better health for your family with cleaner air, water, and power.
  • Greatly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Do those home repairs you haven’t been able to pay for with no credit or income check.
  • Real time reporting of solar system production and savings.
  • We use products made in America.
  • The single handed most responsible act an American can do for the greater good of the planet!
  • All products are backed by warranties.
  • State licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor.