Whats the Game Plan

Free in Home Energy Analysis
A Department of Green Energy Senior Energy Consultant will meet with you and go through your electric usage and bills and educate you on products and current Florida Programs available to you.

Welcome Call
A member of our staff will call to introduce themselves within 24 hours of receiving your financial approval. They will briefly cover how the process works and will walk you through the project timeline, as well as schedule your site survey.

Site Survey
We like to schedule the site survey within 48 hours of financial approval. The site assessment includes an inspection of the roof, electrical panel, attic access, pool pump (if applicable) and shading analysis. Based on the measurements obtained from the site assessment, our staff will determine the specifications that will best fit your home.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Department of Green Energy believes in getting your energy efficiencies installed as soon as possible so you start saving immediately. After our site survey analysis is complete your project manager will call you to schedule your energy efficiency upgrades. Our staff works diligently and appreciates your help in working with us to schedule a day and time to complete our work. Our goal is to bring comfort and savings to your home in the shortest amount of time possible.

System Design
The results of the assessment will allow our expert design staff to customize a solar energy system specifically designed for your home. The design will be submitted to you for approval. We appreciate your help so we may promptly submit your design for city/county and HOA notification (if applicable).

Solar Installation
Upon receipt of the permit, our experienced crew will install your customized solar system at your home or business. Your project manager will contact you to schedule a day and time to start the installation. Upon completion of the installation, our staff will test the system to make sure everything is operational and functioning properly.

After the completion and testing, we will schedule a time for the city/county inspection to take place to close out the permit. Once the inspector has passed the project, then the final payment is due within 24 hours of the inspectors sign-off.

The Utility company grants their approval and you will receive a new production meter provided by the utility company. At that point you have permission to operate and connect to the utility grid. We will turn the system on at that point and your clean solar energy production begins.

Referral Network
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