If there was one opportunity potentially more exciting than a homeowner turning their home green, it could be business owners’ ability to go green and take advantage of even more overall savings.  With the recent renewal of the 30% Federal tax incentive and the ability for an accelerated depreciation of the asset, it provides for a very quick return on investment.  That is taking something that has no return on investment currently and now giving it one!

Think of all the expenses that go with your business:  phone, materials, water, gas, electric bills, the list goes on and on.  What if you could take one of those big expenses and have it start paying for itself?  Department of Green Energy educates business owners on how to turn their electric bill into a tax deductible asset.  It’s very easy to turn a blind eye and say my business comes with this electric bill expense.  But now, FPL is now raising its rates 23.7% over the next 3 years!  That’s a $1.37 billion increase, and why?  To get shareholders return on their money from 10% up to 11.5%!  We are here to let you know you now have a choice in who produces your electricity.  Time to take control; it is your business after all.