What a time to be a homeowner in Florida!  There has never been a better time to go green and become energy independent.  With the recent voting and adoption of the Property Assessed Clean Energy program (PACE), and the renewal of the 30% Federal tax incentive, homeowners are able to turn their home into an energy efficient, hurricane resistant fortress!  Florida is the 2nd state, after California, to vote in and administer PACE, because frankly, who needs it more than us?  Florida uses more electricity than 49 of the 50 states and is the air conditioning capital of the world.  Not only that, FPL is now raising its rates 23.7% over the next 3 years!  That’s a $1.37 billion increase, and why?  To get shareholders return on their money from 10% up to 11.5%!  Stop giving your money to them, we’ll show you how…

Not only is Department of Green Energy designing a custom, energy efficient fortress for Floridians, but we are showing them how to do it without taking a single dollar out of their pocket.  We show you how to take money you’re already spending and start paying for an asset instead of a financial liability, your electric bill.  We have studied and found the most inefficient, leaky areas in homes today and have a green energy product for every situation. These are just the economic benefits.  Remember, there is not a more responsible single act that a homeowner can do for the greater good of all of us than to convert their home into a green energy fortress.

Thousands of Americans were asked, “If you could do something for the greater good of everyone by going solar and making your home green and it didn’t cost you anything additional would you do it?”.  Almost unanimously the answer of course was…”YES”.  We look forward to you joining with us on our path of making America green, one home at a time.